Research and Development Center of Ecological Engineering and Technology

Chia-Nan University of Pharmacy and Science


Web : //www.ecocenter.cnu.edu.tw

Tel : 886-6-3663872

Fax : 886-6-3663871

E-mail : ceet302@mail.cnu.edu.tw

Add : 60, Erh-Jen Rd., Sec. 1, Pao-An, Jen-Te, Tainan, Taiwan, ROC


Goal of the Center

The main goal of R&D Center of Ecological Engineering and Technol-ogy (CEET) is acting as a platform for organizing resources (facilities, projects, man-power, budgets, etc.) to perform research and applica-tion on practical work concerning ecological technologies. At present, CEET has been involved many projects about environmental pollution control, ecological restoration, sustainable management planning, re-generate energy, ecological community design, etc.


Some Developed and Developing Technologies of CEET

  • Eco-Tech for Management and Treatment of Wastewater form Aqua-culture Industry
  • Eco-Tech for Treating Domestic Wastewater from Communities
  • Eco-Tech for Wastewater Treatment and Scenic Plan on Campus
  • Eco-Tech for Tertiary Treatment and Reuse of Discharge form WWTP
  • Eco-Tech for On-site Treatment of Polluted River Water
  • Eco-Tech on Rain Water Recovery and Reuse
  • Ecological Materials on Natural Wastewater Treatment System
  • Water Recycling Design on Sustainable and Ecological Sites
  • Eco-Tech on Pollution Reduction from Water in Reservoirs
  • Eco-Tech on Impermeable liners in Constructed Wetlands
  • GIS Info Tech on Supporting Planning Strategy of River Eco-Tech
  • Macrophytes feasibility in Constructed Wetlands with High Salinity
  • Data Bank and Operational System of Functional Estimation on Con-structed Wetlands
  • Eco-Tech on Nitrate Removal from Groundwater
  • Free Water Surface Wetlands with Various Macrophytes
  • Eco-Tech on Heavy Metal Removal Using Floating Macrophytes
  • Mobile Guiding System for Eco-Tour and Environmental Education
  • Three Dimension Network System of Rivers


Specialties of CEET

  • Important Base for R&D on Eco-Tech
  • Reliable Partner Providing Technical Supports for Eco-Tech Indus-tries
  • Capable Organization to perform Projects of Eco-Tech collaborated with Governments-Academic-Industries
  • Exporting Eco-Tech for Other Countries Based on International col-laboration Projects
  • Educating Center for Personnel Training of Eco-Tech